Acme ALPHA 210.5

  • Recall for your dog 
Article description
  • For small dogs- For small dogs
  • Suitable for work in the vicinity
  • Up to 250 metre distance recall possible
  • Made in U.K.

The new ACME ALPHA 210.5 and 211.5 are the direct evolution of the classic 210.5 and 211.5 and feature the following:

1. Even greater ranges Up to 17% more reach, significantly increasing the possible working distances.
2. Better responsiveness The frequencies produced by the ALPHA are concentrated in the middle octave range of the dog's hearing so that the dog can hear them more clearly.
3. sharper tone The ALPHA is 8% louder and has a sharper tone that is even easier for the dog to interpret.
4. four years of development In collaboration with the best dog trainers in the world, extensive research and Development work carried out to create the best dog whistle in the world.

The changeover from the classic 210.5 and 211.5 pipes to the ALPHA models is problem-free. possible, as they still have standardised frequencies.

Model 210.5:
For smaller dogs. Suitable for working in close proximity. Up to 250 meters distance recall possible.

Model 211.5:
For large dogs.
Up to 400 meters distance recall possible.

Model 212:
For easily distracted dogs and dogs suffering from hearing loss.
Suppresses background noise very well and works even in difficult weather and environmental conditions.


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Sizes and prices

Item number / Color / Price

Color Art. No. Selling price
black 210501A CHF/Euro 17.90
dark blue 210502A CHF/Euro 17.90
pink 210503A CHF/Euro 17.90
turquoise 210504A CHF/Euro 17.90
dark green 210512A CHF/Euro 17.90
purple 210514A CHF/Euro 17.90
black / orange 210518A CHF/Euro 17.90 
purple 210506A CHF/Euro 17.90

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