Dog's FunRun Special

Available in 10XS - 3XL
  • Everyday life
  • Training
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Drag line
  • Tracking (belly ring can be attached)
Article description
  • Completely individual design

  • Regular limited editions available

  • special printed or woven edging tapes

  • special belts with pattern print or woven-in motif

  • washable at 30

With our Dog`s FunRun Special, you can put together your own personalised harness from a large selection of special edging bands, studs, etc. Ergonomically, you do not have to make any deductions with the Special, as it has the same ergonomic shape as our Dog`s Fun Run Standard.


For everyday use, we recommend attaching the leash only to the rear ring. If there is so tension on the leash and on the harness, this is distributed optimally on the dog's body. The sensitive dog neck remains free, the spine feels no pressure.

To lead the dog short, the two carabiners of the lead line can be attached one to the front ring and one to the rear ring.

To use the front ring alone, we recommend ONLY for training purposes - for example, at the dog park. Because when traction comes only on the front ring, it pulls the harness up the neck and presses on the dog's windpipe, like a collar.

Thanks to the handle on the back, can also be briefly grabbed for the dog to hold him. The harnesses of size 10XS - 3XS have no handle as standard! But this can be desired.

It is very important to adjust the harness correctly, please refer to the information leaflet attached to your harness at the time of purchase.

You are also welcome to contact us or your trusted reseller for information and advice. 

Size chart

Dog breed and weight information serve as a guideline for the appropriate size (standard harness or breed-typical harness)

pdf icon2 Download size chart (PDF, approx. 150 KB)

Additional options
  • Seasonal limited editions
  • Decorative rivets
  • Breast ring
  • Reflective stripes
  • Aluminum closures
  • GPS mount
  • Seat belt pad
  • Embroideries




Please note that the product color(s) may differ slightly from the images shown here. Thank you very much for your understanding.


All colours

Grossenbacher Netzstoff Schwarz black 10XS-3XL

dunkelgrau.jpg dark grey 10XS-3XL

petrol.jpg petrol 10XS-3XL

Grossenbacher_Netzstoff_Türkis.png turquoise 10XS-3XL (only while stocks last)

Grossenbacher_Netzstoff_Royalblau.png royal blue 10XS-3XL

violett.jpg purple 10XS-3XL

rosa.jpg pink 3XS-3XL

weinrot.jpg wine red 10XS-3XL

Grossenbacher_Netzstoff_Leuchtorange.png luminous orange 10XS-3XL

Grossenbacher_Netzstoff_Leuchtgelb.png luminous yellow 10XS-3XL

Grossenbacher_Netzstoff_Leuchtgrün.png luminous green 10XS-3XL (only while stocks last)

beige.jpg beige 3XS-3XL

olive.jpg olive 3XS-3XL

Edging tape

All colours
30_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Edelweiss_Bordeaux.png   Edelweiss bordeaux 10XS - 3XL  Zebra_weiss.png   Zebra white 10XS - 4XS 
31_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Edelweiss_Royalblau.png   Edelweiss royal blue 10XS - 3XL  Zebra_rosa.png   Zebra pink 10XS - 4XS 
32_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Edelweiss_Hellblau.png   Edelweiss light blue 3XS - 3XL  Zebra_gold.png   Zebra gold 10XS - 4XS 
33_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Edelweiss_Antrazit.png   Edelweiss dark grey 3XS - 3XL  Zebra_blau.png   Zebra blue 10XS - 4XS 
Herzlich_rot.png   Cordial red 10XS - 4XS Samt_schwarz.png   Velvet black 10XS - 4XS 
Herzlich_grau.png   Cordial grey 10XS - 4XS  Samt_violett.png   Velvet purple 10XS - 4XS 
Stripes_rot.png   Stripes red 10XS - 4XS  Samt_blau.png   Velvet blue 10XS - 4XS 
Stripes_blau.png   Stripes blue 10XS - 4XS  Samt_bordeaux.png   Velvet bordeaux 10XS - 4XS 
Retro.png   Retro 10XS - 4XS  Samt_braun.png   Velvet brown 10XS - 4XS 
Leopard.png   Leopard 3XS - 3XL  Samt_pink.png   Velvet pink 10XS - 4XS 
Kuh.png   Cow 3XS - 3XL  Dots_grün_pink.png   Dots green/ pink 10XS - 4XS 
20_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Fuchsia.png   fuchsia 10XS - 4XS  Dots_rosa.png   Dots pink 10XS - 4XS 
34_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Tarnmuster.png   Camouflage pattern 3XS - 3XL  mini_Dots.png   mini dots 10XS - 4XS 
X-mas.png   X-mas 3XS - 3XL 

Available rivets:

You can have the following rivets attached to your harnesses. 

andere Bilder Dogs FunRun Nieten klein

Sizes and prices

Size / Item number / Price

Size Art. No. Price
10XS 55505 Upon request
9XS 55506 Upon request
8XS 55507 Upon request
7XS 55508 Upon request
6XS 55509 Upon request
5XS 55510 Upon request
4XS 55511 Upon request
3XS 55512 Upon request
XXS 55513 Upon request
XS 55514 Upon request
S 55515 Upon request
M 55516 Upon request
L 55517 Upon request
XL 55518 Upon request
XXL 55519 Upon request
3XL 55520 Upon request

(incl. VAT, prices are subject to change without notice)

Current price list

The prices vary in sizes, lengths and in the effort of production. Current prices can be found in the size and price table. Please note that prices are subject to change at any time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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