Dog's FunRun Breed Specific

Available in 10XS - 3XL
  • Everyday life

  • Training

  • Jogging

  • etc.

Article description
  • ergonomic fit
  • Offers the dog full freedom of movement
  • two rings on the back: for optimal control in every situation
  • Handle on the back
  • Recommended by veterinarians and chiropractors
  • Gentle on the spine
  • Fits for almost every dog
  • also made to measure on request
  • washable at 30°

Our DogsFunRun breed-specific is proof that there is a harness for every dog, no matter how special your dog's needs are.

Great Dane

Type "Great Dane" (very large dog, deep chest, slender build).



Type "Bulldog" (physique short/ stocky, large head).

- Snap fastener at the neck for easy on and off

- broad chest



Type "greyhound" (very slim stature, very deep chest, little neck circumference) This version offers a better fit due to the special length with two belly straps and the pull is ideally guided to the sternum. In addition, the side parts are pulled higher so that the harness fits optimally.


Hunting Dog / Poodle / Viszla / Settler

Type "hunting dog" (slender build, deep chest, high set light neck).



Dachshund" type (protruding sternum)

- reinforced fabric in the chest area

- Fits very well due to the width between the legs


It is very important to adjust the harness correctly, this can be found in the instructions.

Size chart

Dog breed and weight information serve as a guideline for the appropriate size (standard harness or breed-typical harness)

pdf icon2 Download size chart (PDF, approx. 150 KB)

More details
  • Wash at: 30°C


Please note that the product color(s) may differ slightly from the images shown here. Thank you very much for your understanding.


All colours

Grossenbacher Netzstoff Schwarz black 10XS-3XL

dunkelgrau.jpg dark grey 10XS-3XL

petrol.jpg petrol 10XS-3XL

Grossenbacher_Netzstoff_Türkis.png turquoise 10XS-3XL (only while stocks last)

Grossenbacher_Netzstoff_Royalblau.png royal blue 10XS-3XL

violett.jpg purple 10XS-3XL

rosa.jpg pink 3XS-3XL

weinrot.jpg wine red 10XS-3XL

Grossenbacher_Netzstoff_Leuchtorange.png luminous orange 10XS-3XL

Grossenbacher_Netzstoff_Leuchtgelb.png luminous yellow 10XS-3XL

Grossenbacher_Netzstoff_Leuchtgrün.png luminous green 10XS-3XL (only while stocks last)

beige.jpg beige 3XS-3XL

olive.jpg olive 3XS-3XL

Edging tape

All colours
 1_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Rot.png  red (1)  11_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Olive.png  olive (11)
 2_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Kirschrot.png  cherry red (2)  12_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Dunkelbraun.png  dark brown (12)
 3_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Bordeaux.png  bordeaux (3)  13_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Beige.png  beige (13)
 4_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Leuchtpink.png  glow pink (4)  14_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Grau.png  grey (14)
 5_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Rosa.png  pink (5)  15_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Schwarz.png  black (15)
 6_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Leuchtorange.png  fluorescent orange (6)  16_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Marineblau.png  navy blue (16)
 7_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Sonnengelb.png  sun yellow (7)  17_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Royalblau.png  royal blue (17)
 8_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Leuchtgelb.png  luminous yellow (8)  18_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Türkis.png  turquoise (18)
 9_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Leuchtgrün.png  luminescent green (9)  19_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Hellblau.png  light blue (19)
 10_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Dunkelgrün.png  dark green (10)  21_Grossenbacher_Einfassfarbe_Violett.png  purple (21)

Sizes and prices

Great Dane

Size Art. No.  Selling price
L 55440 CHF/Euro 87.00
XL 55441 CHF/Euro 89.00
XXL 55442 CHF/Euro 90.00



Size Art. No.  Selling price
4XS 55450 CHF/Euro 80.00
3XS 55451 CHF/Euro 82.00
XXS 55452 CHF/Euro 84.00
XS 55453 CHF/Euro 86.00
S 55454 CHF/Euro 88.00
M 55455 CHF/Euro 90.00



Size Art. No.  Selling price
3XS 55469 CHF/Euro 87.00
XXS 55470 CHF/Euro 89.00
XS 55471 CHF/Euro 91.00
S 55472 CHF/Euro 93.00
M 55473 CHF/Euro 95.00


Hunting Dog / Poodle / Viszla / Settler

Size Art. No.  Selling price
3XS 55478 CHF/Euro 73.00
XXS 55479 CHF/Euro 75.00
XS 55480 CHF/Euro 77.00
S 55481 CHF/Euro 79.00
M 55482 CHF/Euro 81.00
L 55483 CHF/Euro 83.00



Size Art. No.  Selling price
6XS 55433 CHF/Euro 79.00
5XS 55434 CHF/Euro 81.00
4XS 55435 CHF/Euro 83.00
3XS 55436 CHF/Euro 85.00

(incl. VAT, prices are subject to change without notice)

Current price list

The prices vary in sizes, lengths and in the effort of production. Current prices can be found in the size and price table. Please note that prices are subject to change at any time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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