Adjustable dog harness Vary Support

Available in 4XS - XXL
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • For young dogs in growth
  • Everyday dishes
  • Drag line
  • Hiking
  • For senior dogs
  • With additional ring also a training harness
  • For more safety for shelter dogs and fear dogs etc.
Article description
  • Adjustable, harness grows with the dog
  • Full freedom of movement of the shoulder and elbow
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Built up like the century old and original Kummet harness
  • Withstands large traction force without problems
  • Made in Europe

The Vary Support harness is the same as the Vary in terms of texture, construction, etc.

The difference from the Vary Standard harness is that the back and belly part is extended and it also has a second belly strap and a second grab handle. This allows the dog to be supported when jumping into the car, climbing stairs, etc. The harness has a generally good fit and an exceptionally good fit for long and narrow dogs.

This harness is escape proof when used correctly. Ideal for anxious dogs and when hiking. The dog can be well secured with the support harness in delicate situations: For this purpose, the leash is attached to the foremost and rearmost ring, thus forming a longer or shorter loop. Now the dog can be secured, for example, on a mountain ropeway or even carried a short distance up a ladder.

If you have an adult dog that gets clipped from time to time, the Vary harness is also a good choice. It can be made larger for long and thick coat and set smaller for the freshly shorn dog.

For adult dogs without varying coat length, we recommend our Dogs Fun Run Support.

Size chart

Dog breed and weight information serve as a guideline for the appropriate size (standard harness or breed-typical harness)

pdf icon2 Download size chart (PDF, approx. 150 KB)

More details
  • Wash at: 30°C to 40°C

Sizes and prices

Size / Article / Weight details / Price (CHF)

Size Art. No. Dog weight Selling price
4XS  52011001 3kg - 7kg CHF 76.00
3XS  52012001 4kg - 10kg CHF 77.00
XXS  52013001 5kg - 14kg CHF 78.00
XS  52014001 7kg - 18kg CHF 79.00
52015001 9kg - 23kg CHF 80.00
52016001 12kg - 27kg CHF 82.00
52017001 16kg - 32kg   CHF 84.00
XL  52018001 22kg - 40kg CHF 86.00
XXL  52019001 25kg - 48kg CHF 88.00

(incl. VAT, prices are subject to change without notice)

Current price list

The prices vary in sizes, lengths and in the effort of production. Current prices can be found in the size and price table. Please note that prices are subject to change at any time.


Please note that the product color(s) may differ slightly from the images shown here. Thank you very much for your understanding.

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Available edging colors:

Bordeaux, Red, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Yellow, Poison Green, Navy Blue, Petrol, Beige, Black


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