Pulling harness

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  • Mushing
  • Train Sports
  • Jogging, etc. 
Article description
  • Freedom of movement during traction work
  • Lumbar and neck vertebrae are completely free
  • Neck circumference can be adjusted
  • Full freedom of movement of the shoulder, elbow and spine
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Optimal pressure distribution
  • Sophisticated tethering system with track roller
  • Made of one piece of fabric to avoid pressing seams
  • Push-in fasteners can withstand 130kg each, optionally also with light metal fasteners
  • Swiss handmade

Thanks to the special cut, the sled dog harness, your dog can move completely freely during traction work. Both the shoulder and elbow joints, the entire spine as well as the lumbar and neck vertebrae are completely free, this gives complete freedom to the gait apparatus and the movement of the dog.

The sophisticated tethering system with the pulley allows free movement of the shoulders, the harness does not constrict your dog in any position, so your dog can run in the position that suits him and his locomotor system.

Like our other harnesses, the sled dog harness is made from one piece of fabric to avoid pinching seams and hard parts.

The push-in fasteners hold 130 kilograms each - optionally available with light metal fasteners.

The neck part is padded so that the neck circumference can be adjusted according to the dog's muscling. The more trained the dog, the more padding can be removed to reduce the neck circumference.

In the neck, the harness shape runs steeply upwards, so that the dog can hold his head up when running without feeling pressure on the cervical vertebrae (the opposite is the case with harnesses with belts - they constantly press on the dog's neck and make it impossible to run with an elevated head posture!)

The only strap that runs across the back is only used to stabilize the harness when there is no pull on the leash. It lies quite loosely on the dog's back and has no function during pulling - depending on the shape of the dog's body, this strap is superfluous and can be removed.

Size chart

Dog breed and weight information serve as a guideline for the appropriate size (standard harness or breed-typical harness)

pdf icon2 Download size chart (PDF, approx. 150 KB)

More details
  • Wash at: 30°C to 40°C


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XS 55714 CHF/Euro 112.00
S 55715 CHF/Euro 114.00
M 55716 CHF/Euro 116.00
L 55717 CHF/Euro 118.00
XL 55718 CHF/Euro 120.00

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