Mass harnesses

Woof - I am Leo

I heard from my male friend "Paul" that I can have a custom harness made at Grossenbacher to fit my overly strong body.

I even get to choose my favorite colors. So with pink and so for a male - I do not know. But surely my master and mistress know exactly which colors I like or suit me.

By the way - at the personal measuring there is still a little surprise waiting for me, which looks very tasty and is good to bite. Oops - have I already given away too much?

I can hardly wait. Soon I will have my own tailor-made chest harness. So see you at Grossenbacher's in Hasle near Burgdorf.

Procedure - this is how the typical process works

Custom harnesses can be purchased either directly from us or also through a selected Resellers to order. When choosing a sales partner, we ask you to specify under "Reseller" to note the "location pins with measuring tape" in the search. Only these partners can professionally determine and record measurement harnesses.

Step 1

Visit us in Hasle or a reseller near you

Of course, you should then also take your dog or bitch with you to your personal "rendez-vous". You are welcome to visit us at any time during our business hours. Appointments can also be made outside opening hours after consultation.

> Search reseller

Step 2

The necessary measurements are taken. Either with us on site or directly in your specialty store.

In order to make a perfectly matched chest harness for your dog or bitch, we or your selected specialty store will take all the necessary measurements and together we will determine the desired materials and colors.

Step 3

Your chest harness will now be professionally made to measure in our production.

With the recorded measurements or the data received from the specialised trade, we produce the customised tableware you ordered. Within a few weeks for you. Afterwards, you can collect your tableware in person from us or from your specialist shop, or we can send it to you by post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Briefly inform about frequently asked questions about the production of custom harnesses for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

How long does a personal "rendez-vous" last?

This varies. With less anxious dogs, who keep nice and still during measuring, it usually goes a little faster. In addition, it is important to consider how much time mistress or even master take in the choice of material and color. As a rule, however, it takes /- 1 hour per appointment.

Do you also make custom harnesses for handicapped dogs?

Right. We are always very thoughtful about the causes behind a profound dog injury. Therefore, it is also a matter of course for us to help when dogs are in need.

We have already been able to help many handicapped dogs to more stability and thus also a better life feeling by a chest harness custom-made by us. You can also find some reference examples on our website under pictures/videos.

How much does a custom harness cost?

The cost of making a unique custom harness for a dog can vary greatly. There are several factors to consider. Dog size, chest sizes, loop and band quantities, material quality, spec. fabric design and other special requests can make up a influence the final price. Larger and more robust harnesses also require a little more time in the production/manufacturing. Our experience from various made to measure harnesses shows that the price often ranges from 120 CHF to 200 CHF.

Can defective harnesses be renewed or repaired?

Yes - we also offer our high-level repair service as an important service. Since dogs often move in the wild, it can happen here and there that something gets caught or torn. We can replace tapes, fabrics, seams and also edgings at any time and we discuss the costs for the repair with you already in advance (provided that we have been able to examine the damaged harness in advance).

Can I also give a custom harness to someone as a gift?

Of course you can also give a personal dog harness made to measure as a gift. For this we will be happy to create a voucher in the desired price range, which you can then hand over from the heart and of course as a very special gift. The presentee (dog owner) can then make an appointment with us, so that we can take the necessary measurements for the production (see procedure step 1-3 above on this page). If, on the other hand, you would like to give a harness directly as a gift, then you are welcome to buy a standard harness from us at the normal sales prices or purchase it from public retailers (cf. resellers/retailers). Our trade partners will be happy to advise you about our products.

Please stand in line!

We are the next to receive a custom harness from Grossenbacher.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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