Bordered Grossenbach necklace

  • Towline training
  • Tracks
  • Mantrailing
Article description
  • Very easy to clean, easy to wipe
  • Extremely tear resistant
  • Edged 
  • No sharp edges
  • Swiss handmade

Our edged Grossenbacher collars have no sharp edges and are therefore particularly comfortable on your dog's neck. The collars are edged with the same edging as our dog harnesses. The collar can be adjusted in size. 


Sizes and prices

Size / Article / Price (CHF)

Type Length Wide Art. No. Selling price
Direct or Indirect 25-35cm 15mm 51302 CHF 28.00
Direct or Indirect 30-38cm 20mm 51303 CHF 28.00
Direct or Indirect 38-48cm 20mm 51304 CHF 28.00
Direct or Indirect 45-52cm 25mm 51305 CHF 29.00
Direct or Indirect 52-62cm 25mm 51306 CHF 29.00
Direct or Indirect 52-62cm 40mm 51307 CHF 35.00
Direct or Indirect 61-75cm 40mm 51310 CHF 35.00
Train stop on request on request on request on request

We are happy to make other sizes and/or color combinations for you. 

(incl. VAT, prices are subject to change without notice)

Current price list

The prices vary in sizes, lengths and in the effort of production. Current prices can be found in the size and price table. Please note that prices are subject to change at any time.


Please note that the product color(s) may differ slightly from the images shown here. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Available colors are currently in:

Beige, Bordeaux, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Red, Gray, Light Blue, Jaquart Edelweiss Blue, Jaquart Edelweiss Red, Luminous Yellow, Luminous Green, Luminous Orange, Navy Blue, Olive, Pink, Ribbon Purple, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, Black, Swiss Cross, Sun Yellow, Subli Edelweiss Blue, Subli Edelweiss Grey, Camouflage, Turquoise, Violet

We look forward to hearing from you.

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